South African


Graham’s is one of the largest suppliers of Biltong in London and our relationship with South African products began when we started making and supplying Biltong and Boerewors to our local South African expats over 40 years ago!

Today we continue to make our own Free Range Organic Beef and Lamb  Boerewors using our own prime cuts and  natural lamb casing. The Biltong, Droewors and Jerky is specially made for us by our supplier Susmans Best Biltong .

South African products available at Grahams..


  • Grahams Homemade Boerewors
  • Biltong (original)
  • Biltong (chilli)
  • Beef Droewors
  • Beef Jerky
  • Beef biltong 75g Pre-packed
  • Chilli Bites 75g Pre-packed
  • Game 75g Pre-packed


  • Guava Fruit Rolls 80gm
  • Koo Guava Halves 410gm
  • Granadilla Pulp 110gm
  • Koo Chakalaka Hot & Spicy 410g tin
  • Koo Chakalaka Mild & Spicy 410g tin
  • Koo Creamed Sweetcorn 420g
  • All Gold Tomato Sauce Large 750ml


  • Ouma Rusks Buttermilk 500mg
  • Ouma Rusks Muesli 500mg
  • Maize Meel (Iwisa) 2.5kg


  • Marie Biscuits 200mg
  • Lemon Creams 200mg
  • Eat Some More 200mg
  • Tennis Biscuits 200mg
  • Provita Bakers 250mg
  • Zoo Biscuits 200mg
  • Chockits 200mg
  • Romany-Creams 200mg


  • Mrs Balls Chutney (Mild)
  • Mrs Balls Chutney (Hot)
  • Mrs Balls Chutney (Peach)
  • Mrs Balls Chutney (Chilli Chutney)
  • Mrs Balls Chutney (Extra Hot)


  • Monkey Gland 375ml
  • BBQ 375ml
  • Peri-Peri 375ml
  • Garlic 375ml
  • Rajah Curry Powders
  • Hot Curry Powder 100gm
  • Mild Curry Powder 100gm


  • Peppermint Crisp 50gm
  • Chocolate Log 50gm
  • Lunch Bars 50gm
  • Chappies Fruit Gum
  • Beacon Fizzers (BlueBuzz, Strawberry, Cream Soda)
  • Fizz Pops (BlueBuzz, Magic Plannet, Apple, Grape, Cola, Cream soda, Cherry)
  • NikNaks Cheese 175gm
  • Fritos Barbecue 120gm
  • Fritos Tomato 120gm


  • Sparleta Cream Soda
  • Sparleta Sparberry
  • Fanta Grape
  • Appletiser
  • Grapetiser Red
  • Grapetiser White
  • Roses Kola Tonic
  • Roses Passion Fruit
  • Milo 400gm


  • Koo Smooth Apricot 490gm
  • All Gold Melon & Ginger 490gm
  • All Gold Fig 490mg