Until I found Graham’s, I thought to buy this quality of organic meat and vegetables you had to live in the countryside near a farm. Wonderful meats are also marinated for you, add the local organic veg and voila, supper.
Thanks Graham’s.
P.s. wonderful desserts and delicious lunches

Linda Morris

Probably the finest butchers i’ve come across. All the food here is great especially the deserts, fantastic!!. Also a real friendly atmosphere but be ware it can get very busy on the weekends.

Tony Reed

We have used Grahams for over 30 years. We are a family of restaurateurs and all agree on the superb quality of organic meat that Graham sells. It really is top class!!!

Silvana Polledri

A great family business used by us for over 30 years. Everything is always of excellent quality and they respond to customer demands. Various cuts and home delivery. Three choices of Chicken I recall. Their sausages are
excellent indeed and worth the trip alone.
Lots of cooked foods also.


Not only the best butcher I’ve come across in London but the best spot for seasonal organic fruit and vegetables. Their homemade barbecue sauce is the only one my kids will have now, thank you Graham’s!!! All this in the friendliest, warmest atmosphere. That proves that local family run business is still the best.

Suzi Crystal

From: Dani Jelen
Location: Hampstead

The best butcher in london. Everything is of the highest quality especially their sausages!! All the cooked food is amazing too and you never come out with what you just went in for!! Great staff as well who are always helpful with cooking tips.

From: Liam Moran
Location: Finchley

Great range and advice on the butchers side e.g on unusual cuts and how to cook them. They’ve really come into their own when I’ve needed advice and to order things like venison for family parties.
Specifically don’t miss out on their own black pudding, chicken chilli sausages and from the deli side their home made scotch eggs.