Made for You


Made by us, Just for you !

Here at GRAHAMS we take great care in making our products for you using specially blended seasoning and home made marinades, ensuring you experience wonderful flavours.


Bacon & Gammon
We cure, spice and dry our own pancetta from our free range pork giving you a very authentic flavour! All our bacon is free range and dry cured, choose from:

  • Back bacon from the loin either smoked or unsmoked
  • Streaky bacon from the belly either smoked or unsmoked

Cured Meats
We are happy to cure meat for you, please be aware that it takes 1 to 2 weeks to prepare so we will need a minimum of 3 weeks notice. Popular choices of cured meats:

  • Beef Brisket/Silverside
  • Pork Belly, leg, shoulder
  • Veal Breast

BBQ favorites 
All our products are handmade and we offer a wide range of different products for you to BBQ and enjoy. We supply the meat, salads and marinades to make a perfect summer bbq feast, if you can’t find what you are looking for let us know and we will work with you to produce what you need. BBQ products available:

  • Burgers – Choose from Steak, Chicken,Lamb or Veggie Burgers
  • Sausages ( see below )
  • Steak – Low in carbs and containing no salt , our steak burgers are made from 50% rump steak and 50% chuck steak, mixed with a small amount of rice flour and seasoning.
  • Chicken Pieces – Great for the BBQ especially marinaded in one of our yummy homemade marinades ( see below for a list of marinades )
  • Spatchcock Chicken – Great plain or marinaded
  • Kebabs – Choice of Steak, Chicken , Lamb, Veal, Pork or Veggie Kebabs
  • Lamb Chops – Choice of Loin, Cutlets, Chump or Shoulder chops. All cut from our hand picked lambs
  • Pork Chops – Crispy Pork chops
  • Pork Belly strips – plain or marinaded, a real treat
  • Lamb Ribs – Pre-cooked and ready to go straight on the BBQ, plain or marinaded
  • Pork Ribs
  • Extra Thick Steaks
  • Butterfly Leg of Lamb
  • Sliced Shoulder of Lamb – cut through the bone, great slow cooked on the BBQ
  • Shoulder of Pork

Homemade Organic Free Range Sausages
At Graham’s we are famous for our free range chicken sausages, very popular with children and adults! Our range of sausages has been carefully chosen and made to ensure the highest of quality and flavour is enjoyed by our customers.
All the seasoning in our sausages is unique in that it is made from real spices, has been specially made for us and does not contain any emulsifiers or colouring and is known as ‘clean deck’ seasoning.

  • Chicken:
  • Original Chicken (gluten free available)
  • Sweet Chilli Chicken
  • Chicken & Apricot
  • Pork:
  • Pork and Fresh Herb
  • Original Pork (gluten free available)
  • Pork & Leek
  • Turkey & Veal
  • Venison
  • Beef Boerewors
  • Beef Boerewors & Peri, Peri
  • Organic Beef & Tomato

Nothing there you fancy? Let us know what you would like and we will make it up for you. Minimum order of 5kg.

Gluten Free
We  recognise how difficult it can be to buy great tasting Gluten Free products and so we have taken the trouble to specially select a range of products which we know will offer you a great taste. Our in-house Chef Debbie also offers a selection of home made gluten free products, if there is anything you require to be made contact us (our only request is that your order needs to be more than one to enable us to keep the cost down!)

Homemade Marinades (Available during BBQ season)

  • Rosemary & Garlic
  • Sweet Garden Mint
  • Honey & Mustard
  • Cajun
  • Smokey BBQ
  • Honey & Lemon
  • Thai
  • Peri Peri
  • Beer & Paprika