Merry Christmas

With Christmas, and the New Year, only a short time away Grahams are working hard to help you, our customer, get organized for the festivities.

Grahams offers a variety of high-quality products for you to choose from. These range from Organic and Free Range Poultry right through to select traditional condiments, plus the usual home-cooked delicacies from our in-house chefs. Listed below are all the details of our products to help you make the right choice for your Christmas and New Year celebrations.


Holiday opening times

21st - 7 am - 5 pm

22nd - 7 am to 5 pm

23rd - 7 am to 3 pm

24th - 7 am to 3 pm

25th - Closed

26th - Closed

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28th - 8 am - 1 pm

29th - 8 am to 1 pm

30th - 8 am to 1 pm 

31st - 8 am to 1 pm

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Christmas Prices

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Christmas favorites

Please note,  all of the below suppliers are farm assured, which means that the farms and food companies meet high standards of food safety and hygiene, animal welfare and environmental protection. It also should be noted that none of the suppliers give their animals any antibiotics, additives,  growing supplements, hormones or chemicals.

Free Range Bronze Turkeys
Temple Farm Turkeys are free-range, slow-growing breeds of bronze turkeys. They are grown to the highest growing standards for traditional fresh turkey, which means they come with the TFTA’s Golden Turkey Quality Guarantee Award.
Organic & Free Range White Turkeys 

( Sorry but not available !)

Another family business supplier, Springfield poultry, has been breeding Turkeys in Herefordshire for the last 50 years. In their words the Turkeys are ‘always a sell out and will be the talk of your Christmas lunch’. We couldn’t agree more!

We recommend that you take a look at their website for more details

Free Range Goose

Blackwells Free Range Geese are reared to maturity with the benefit of a summer’s fresh grass, dry plucked and game hung for rich, dark and succulent meat that can be cooked to perfection with a crisp golden skin..

Free Range Ducks

Cefnllan Free Range produces only the highest quality Welsh duck and chicken products from the family farm in Mid Wales. 

Herb Fed Free Range Chicken 

Grown in the Yorkshire meadows and fed a unique diet of mixed herbs and additive-free cereal these birds are a real favorite amongst our customers.


Label Anglais Special Reserve Chicken

These breeds developed from the same female line as Label Anglais, carry more breast meat and are of a paler colour. They are raised in a high welfare environment, fully free-range. They are well-known for their rich, gamey flavour and delicate texture. 

Wild Game

Our wild game is sourced from all over the country. We are constantly seeking the best supplier. Please inquire to know what we have in stock and where it has come from.

Grass-Fed Free Range Beef

We sell pure-bred and single cross Aberdeen Angus beef, supplied by Millers. Millers guarantee the hand selected quality we, and you, expect from Graham’s. Assurance of quality does not stop there, in Graham’s we have specifically designed cold rooms that enable us to dry-age our beef for a minimum period of 28 days. This process enhances the flavour and tenderness of the meat.

Free Range Pork

For over twenty-nine years we have been supplied by Plantation pigs. Their pork is undeniably the best on the market, their pork has an excellent flavour due to the combination of traditional slow-growing, healthy outdoor lifestyle and safe nutritious food. 

Free Range Gammon, Ham and Bacon

Gammon available on the bone, off the bone, smoked or unsmoked. 

Hams available boiled or honey roast, both are wonderfully succulent and have an excellent flavour. 

Bacon available smoked or unsmoked, back or streaky. 

We are happy to advise you on what would be most suited to your Christmas meal.

Our Home made Sausages

At Graham’s we offer a selection of different types of sausage and are well-known for our organic, free range chicken sausages. All of the sausages made by hand, are mixed with a specific blend of seasoning and organic breadcrumbs. We do not use any emulsifiers, binding agents or colouring. Everything within our sausages is 100% natural including the skins that the sausage is cased within

Salt Beef

All of the salt beef we sell is cured in-store so we ask you to please place an order at least 10 days before you would like it to avoid disappointment. 

Our Home made Sausages

All of our sausage rolls are made in store, and we offer either pork or chicken. The meat used in our sausage rolls is the same as that goes into our sausages, free-range and full of flavour. Many of our customers have said they are the best sausage rolls they have ever had. 

Home made Stuffing
Pork – Sage & Onion Made in store with only our finest Pork mince and fresh organic sage & onion. Chicken – Sage & Onion Our finest chicken sausage meat mixed with just the right amount of sage and onion. Christmas Chestnut Stuffing (Vegetarian) Debbie’s, our head chef’s, own recipe made with only the finest organic ingredients.
Chicken Meat Balls   (Gluten free)
Made in-store with a blend of our finest meat, a touch of organic herbs and spices and a small amount of organic breadcrumb just to hold it together. A real favorite !
Organic Cranberry Sauce
Made in store with Organic Cranberries and our own special recipe, what better to accompany your festive meal.