BBQ selection


Great steak for the BBQ with a combination of fillet and sirloin on the bone. Large size steak good for sharing

Lamb Rump Steaks
Lean, tender and richly flavoured. 

Great steak for the BBQ with a combination of fillet and sirloin on the bone. Large size steak good for sharing

Pork Loin Steaks
Great steak for the BBQ with a combination of fillet and sirloin on the bone. Large size steak good for sharing

Rib Eye
A great steak for barbecuing with good marbling and a rich flavour.

High quality on flavour and also lean. 

Known for being the most tender of the steak family.

Thick slice rump
One of the BBQ favorites. Best cooked in a piece and then sliced across the grain

Cote de boeuf
Rib eye on the bone. 


Lamb Cutlets
Probably the most popular chops for barbecuing, Great with one of our tasty marinades

Lamb Loin Chops
Ideal for the BBQ, full flavour and tender

Pork Loin Chops
Great on the BBQ especially when pre-marinated

Pork Spare Rib Chops
Great on the BBQ. Best cooked a little longer and slower 

Lamb Shoulder Chops
Amazing flavour, best cooked a little slower to tenderise. Great with a marinade

Pork Belly Strips
A very juicy cut with crispy crackling. Great when pre marinated 


Chicken Wings
A real favorite with everyone. Great with just about any marinde

Chicken thighs
Ideal for the BBQ, easy to cook with lots of flavour (best with skin on) 

Another favorite, easy to cook and great with just about any marinde

Boneless Thighs
We specially prepare these thighs ready for the BBQ. They are boned and beaten flat as to ensure they cook evenly every time. Try marinaded in one of our homemade marinade's for a real BBQ treat.

Very tasty and simple to cook, also great with marinades

Breast (on the bone)
Lean and tender but must not be over cooked. Cooking tip: Cook in foil to start the remove foil and brown.

Great for sharing

Butterfly leg of lamb
Definitely a summer favorite, great taste and super tender

Pork Belly
A real favorite for you pork lovers. Cooking tip: Either cook long and slow or boil in the oven first to tenderise then BBQ to finish

Shoulder of Lamb
A family favorite here at Grahams. (Pre sous-vide can be ordered in advance for the ultimate in tenderness)

Spatchcock Chicken
Tastes great, easy to cook and works with just about any marinade.

Cote de boeuf
Rib eye on the bone. 

Great steak for the BBQ with a combination of fillet and sirloin on the bone. Large size steak good for sharing


Pork Ribs
One of the all time greats. Cooking tip: Boil in the oven until tender then remove and brown on the BBQ

Lamb Ribs
Amazing !! We sous vide these ribs (marinaded) in store so all you need to do is put them on the BBQ. Please order as they do sell out quick


Lamb Kebabs
Tender cubes of leg and shoulder of lamb threaded onto kebab sticks. Great as they are or marinaded in one of our great marinades.

Chicken Kebabs
Simply chunks of chicken fillet threaded onto kebab sticks. Also available marinaded in one of our fantastic homemade marinades

Steak Kebabs
Simply cubes of juicy steak threaded onto a kebab stick. Can be made to your requirements.. ie Rump, Sirloin, Fillet

Lamb Kofta's
Minced Shoulder of lamb, red onion and a blend of spices and parsley. A new addition to our kebab line and proving to be a real hit..


Original Pork
Simply great pork and a dash of organic crumb and spices.

Country pork
Same as the original pork with a little extra pepper and herbs

Finest Chicken
Simply a mix of great quality chicken blended with our own special spices.

Sweet Chilli Chicken
The perfect blend of our finest chicken mixed with just enough sweet chilli to suit all pallets.

Beef & Organic Tomato
A mix of Chuck steak, organic tomatoes and our own special spices.

Lamb & Mint
Shoulder of lamb and fresh organic mint and our special blend of spices to make a great tasting sausage

South African Boerewors
Here at Grahams we have been making Boerewors for our local South africans since 1970. We use only the best lamb and beef with our own special mixture of herbs and spices. Rings are available by order only.

Gluten Free Chicken
The same as our famous finest chicken sausage but blended with our organic gluten free rice crumb. Please call to ensure we have stock.


Steak Burgers
A truly great burger. Minced chuck and rump steak lightly seasoned. (Gluten free)

Chicken Burgers
Made with minced chicken thigh, organic rice flour and our own seasoning. (Gluten Free)

Lamb Burgers
Minced shoulder of lamb with fresh mint and our special seasoning


Please note, this is a sample of the more popular salads during the BBQ season. You will need to order in advance as the salads will vary daily.

Quinoa Salad
A real favourite. Quinoa, Rocket, Sun dried Tomatoes  and Red onions

Sweet Potato and Pecan Salad
A real summer treat

Red Coleslaw

Courgette and Fennel Salad
Sliced Courgette, Fennel & Pecan 

Beetroot Salad
Beetroot, Carrot and Craberries

Papaya and Avocado Salad
Papaya, Avocado, Rocket and Pumpkin seeds

Pear & Cranberry Salad
Fresh Pear's and Cranberries with a poppy seed dressing

Mango & Carrot Salad

Date and Almond Salad
Dates, Almonds & Goats cheese


All marinades are free from artificial preservatives, colourings and flavourings

Smokey BBQ
A great tasting BBQ marinade. Best suited for Chicken, Pork and Beef

Peri Peri
An amazing tangy spicy marinade. Suited for all meats

Lemon & Herb
A light summery marinade. Best with chicken and pork

Honey & Sesame
Organic wild honey and roasted sesame. Great with chicken and pork

Rosemary & Garlic
Great tasting marinade. Best with Chicken, Lamb and Pork

Sweet Garden Mint
A real favourite on our lamb kebabs. Best on Lamb (Gluten Free)

A slightly spicy blend on tradition Thai herbs and spices. Best on Chicken and Pork

A great spicy marinade. Great on all meats